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Thread: Piers Morgan/Jeremy Clarkson twitter-war

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    worse than Clarkson? no way
    piers morgan forged photoshopped photos of british troops causing atrocities in iraq in order to sell papers and create stories, he cost young men their honour and careers.

    piers morgan claims to be a die hard arsenal fan (and manages to get his opinion about the team quoted regularly) yet ran a slur campgain 'name and shaming' dozens of proper arsenal fans after the issues in copenhagen with the turks. he didnt care about the truth, or what really happened, just plastered their faces across newspapers labelling them as scum. causing some people i hold as dear friends to not only be banned from life from football, but lose their jobs, families and face jail time, all due to the lies morgan spread.

    he gets sacked for being a cretinous media scumbag, then finds himself a worldwide celebrity due to sliming his way through america.

    grade A cunt. the first paragraph of that link sums him up, boasting his connections of A-list celebs and getting others kicked out. he's a smug cunt of the highest order.

    the clarkson morgan battle started years ago when morgan published a story about clarkson (falsely) cheating on his wife, clarkson punched him at an awards ceremony, and quite rightly.

    they're not even in the same league of cuntishness. morgan has destroyed lives, and sits smugly atop his ivory tower.
    one person I'd honestly have absolutely no issue stamping on his head until its a caved in mess
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    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    i think clarkson wins that twitter argument hands down. morgan still cant help himself coming across as a smug egotistical class-ist cunt. clarkson just highlights it.
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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