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Thread: Best UFC record of a UK fighter?

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    Unfortunately I predict that Ogle, Harris and Sexton will get cut after Manchester.
    Lets hope thats not the case and they all get another chance and have a good fight and win.

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    I think sexton is undersized and too old now unfortunately, Harris and ogle may get another crack though. Ogle is visably improving in each fight, I reckon he deserves another go.
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    Andy fought a close fight and was in some bad positions against a guy who subbed Lauzon and Pearson. He's a young lad and is learning and improving every day. Anyone who thinks he doesn't deserve to be in there needs their heads testing. His first fight was very close against Corissani and could also have went either way.
    The UFC isn't the be all and end all of MMA though. If people get cut there are other promotions out there, some that pay better than the UFC. Just obviously the UFC has the biggest exposure.

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    I think Sexton is too small for the division, it is a shame; if and when the UFC get a 115 division for ladies she will be too old to fight. I this Harris will get cut and Rosi too but Ogle will stay. I hope they all stay in the UFC! Obviously!

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    Its not Rosi's weight class and she has publicly stated that fighting in the UFC was something she couldn't turn down.

    and IMO Bisping has the best chance of getting the UK a belt at the minute. He can hang with anyone in that division you cant say that about any other UK fighter. Pickett is quality but unfortunately the timing is wrong for him because the top 3 in his division are that damn good.

    I'm just waiting for the next breed of British fighters to come through and start making waves but i think that's another 5 years.
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