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Thread: When is Cage Warriors 61?

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    Default When is Cage Warriors 61?


    Just wondered if this had been confirmed yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post

    Just wondered if this had been confirmed yet.
    Think its confirmed for November 16th?

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    Hello gents,

    As per our press release of July 11th, Cage Warriors 61 was scheduled to take place in Dagestan on November 16th. However, as you can imagine, there were some significant logistical challenges involved in bringing a show there just three weeks after being in Jordan so we were forced to postpone it, for now. There was a strong card matched for the event and right up until yesterday we were trying to keep a November show on the schedule - at a different location on the 23rd - but it's also looking like this will be a step too far at this late stage.

    As a result, our next event will be Cage Warriors 62 in Newcastle on December 7th. As this event has been billed as 62 for quite a while now, we've decided to leave it as is. But we are confident of adding another show to the schedule to facilitate the fighters who were matched for the November card. This looks likely to be on December 14th and will be billed as Cage Warriors 61, despite taking place after Cage Warriors 62. That might be confusing but we think it'll cause less confusion than changing the title of the Newcastle event this late in the day. I hope that all makes sense. Nevertheless, an official announcement will be made shortly to clarify the situation.



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