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Thread: --RUMOR-- UFC London in March New main event: Jimi Manuwa vs. Alexander Gustafsson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakedBean View Post
    This is a huge step up BUT it is an ideal opponent for Manuwa IMO.

    On paper Gus is a huge favourite but style wise this is a horrendous fight for him IMO.

    He will not SUB Manuwa he will not KO Manuwa so whilst he is outscoring him he will have to avoid getting KTFO which is a very real possibility for anybody fighting Manuwa.

    So yes the odds will rightfully be heavily in favour of Gus but I dont think it is as big a step up as many believe.

    I think somebody like Ryan Bader for example would have been a much harder match up for Manuwa than Gus.
    I agree with this and somethng that Grizzly said earlier; stylistically this is a good match for Jimi as its a boxing/kickboxing match. Jones on the other hand is a horrible fight as he will take him down and smash him, as is someone like bader or davis.
    I think Gus will beat him, but Jimmis stand up is decent and his power is fckin nasty so this is by no means a foregone conclusion. Win or lose this will tell us exacly where he sits in the LHW division and exactly how good he is

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    I honestly believe Jimi is going to go in there and knock Gus out. It takes 1 decent strike to ko somebody and Manuwa seems a specialist in that skill he also seems very very hungry there's just something about him that puts chills down ya spine Gus should be worried and if he isn't then he fucking should be. Still a fan of Gus heas very likeable lol.
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    I am about a million times more interested in this than I was in Gus/Nog.

    I think Gus takes it. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    I think you guys are massively underestimating Gus here, Gus is massively better in every area, his boxing is the best in the division, his wrestling is one of the best ( who else has took jones down and stopped jones from taking them down) his grappling is very good and he doesn't Gas.

    Jimi has got a punchers chance as he's a heavy hitter, but his going to get taken down and tko'd extremely quickly and in massively anti climatically fashion.

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