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Thread: Vitor Belfort says hed stop TRT use for UFC title shot.

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    MMA doesn’t get more bad press - check out the Jamaican sprinters, i know nothing about athletics and care even less, but you can’t help but hear about this stuff in the mainstream press. Cycling as well. Who’s that guy? Lance Armstrong or something. MMA only gets blasted by MMA press, no-one else cares.
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    I think the differenxce with MMa and sports like cycling/athletics is that they are sports that are already accepted as mainstream, where as MMA is still misunderstood and vilified from certain press organizations. Everyone knows the problems cycling has had, it seems there are far more cheats than clean riders. However MMA needs to be whiter than white imo because it is a new growing sport that is controversial to most of the public.

    The difference with TRT is that there is a loophole that some fighters (with a Drs recommendation) can use legally use giving an unfair advantage to that fighter. i think the UFC needs to dish out longer bans as well. A 6/12 month ban is laughable. A fighter may only fight once in this time period anyway and it is in no way a deterant

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    Quote Originally Posted by timp View Post
    Another reason why this sport is seen as a complete joke.
    care to ellaborate? by whom? in what way?
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