I keep seeing stories of fatal injuries or deaths sustained by Boxers recently and want to raise the talking point of how people see Boxing, being the safer "sport", if being compared.


http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/highsc...181924852.html (viewer discretion is advised)

^^^ these are just a couple, there will be many more (just at work so can't scour the internet for a load more)

Is it just because these incidents get brushed under the carpet to not make mainstream news to affect the bad light of Boxing?

Surely a "sport" that requires opponents to continually traumatise a small area over and over again will cause severe short term and/or long term damage. I realise that everyone's body's made differently and some people may be able to take more punishment than others.

This is a part of the reason I find MMA so endearing, you can win in so many ways, less trauma as there are more areas to hit and the referees normally stop the contests very quickly when they see severe danger