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    Let's hope dj davey g can go all the way. I think he will defo have the better stand up. And will be able to hold his own with him on the floor. Enough not to get subbed anyway.

    I think Jessica will win Pennington next week and then beat Pena in the final.

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    Felt sorry for davey not to have his fight as I think he would of beat him in 1st rd, but he deserve to be where he is, I think he beats holdsworth, much stronger, betta stand up. Can't see him getting submitted, warrr davey

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    Thought Davey was the dark horse before the show, but looking at the fights the 2 best fighters are in the final. I know he's gutted about not fighting for the spot but he avoids injury and would've won his semi anyway. As long as he can keep the fight standing he wins this fight no doubt. Holdsworths a good fighter though i think this is a fckin close fight

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    Hope Miesha chins Ronda. Putting Ronda on TUF was the worst thing they could have done because she's come across a right bitch.

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    Davey is an animal and he will win this fight!
    Liam Bad Intentions James, pro mma uk featherweight!!

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    Another fighter putting north east MMA on the map we are spoilt for choice up here as far as talent goes.
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    I like ronda but her slagging off miesha for not looking after her fighter about weight cutting, bit her in the ass wen ronda guy missed weight, fighters responsible for weight not coaches, warrrr davey

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