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Thread: Knockout from bottom while mounted

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    Default Knockout from bottom while mounted

    Remember seeing a link of a guy on the U.k scene about 2 years ago knocking someone out while someone was mounted on him? Any1 got a link or know who it was? Pro 10-0-0

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    Not UK, but I remember this one happening:

    Some chin to get knocked out from there haha!

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    ^ I remember that one. There was another one though, dude on the bottom was getting hit and hit and hit with nothing shots, guy underneath was just throwing rubbish little shots and the guy on top just face planted to the mat.

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    Here you go Fishy
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    ^ that's it.

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    Haha yeah that's the one. Think he actually fainted.

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    Default happened there? it looked like he gassed so completely he passed out!

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    Thanks that the 1 I was looking for Pro 10-0-0

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    had seen the pancrase one before, but hadn't seen that UK one. That's just awkward. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Before the fight, the Lithuanian guy was really, really pumped. Wide eyed, couldn't keep still, dancing to everyone else's intro music. Never seen someone so wired before a fight.

    I remember at the time thinking he'd just collapsed from mount, and his opponent and/or opponent's coach claiming he was knocked out by that punch from the bottom.

    Still think he collapsed.
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