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I'm literally going to re watch it now and I'll edit in the round scores... See if I have it different.

Round 1: (last night 10-10) right now, GSP 10-9 JH.
They come out, GSP take down and sub attempt, back up and GSP controls against the fence. Reversal and takedown for JH, back up and JH controls against the fence. They separate and GSP pushes the pace with kicks but both land shots. They cuddle for a bit and both land knees but separate again. GSP comes forward and lands the better/more shots. Bit scrappy towards the end of the round.

Round 2: (last night 9-10) right now, GSP 9-10 JH.
The last two and half minutes GSP actually gets the better of the striking in parts but JH landed heavy, pressured GSP, and got the better of the round.

Round 3: (last night 10-9) right now, GSP 10-9 JH.
They exchange early, GSP pushes forward landing shots and a kick, both throw shots with GSP getting the better in. JH comes forward, GSP jabs him away. GSP keeps the centre and comes forward pushing JH back. GSP keeps coming forward and lands shots. Punches land shows its in favour of GSP. The final two minutes they basically circle off landing shots before JH gets a takedown but does nothing with it. GSP up and they cuddle.

Round 4: (last night 9-10) right now, GSP 9-10 JH.
GSP comes forward and gets in the cleaner shots. Exchange gets a little better with GSP still landing cleaner. GSP stumbles and JH jumps on him.
JH spends a minute on top landing shots, not hard or clean but landing. Back up and GSP pushes forward jabbing away at JH. Messy exchange both land. GSP pushes to the fence but JH reverses and does the same. JH can't get the TD and GSP controls again. JH reverses and leans on him. Close round because bar the minute JH spends on top, the better of the round was all GSP. I've gone for JH but wouldn't be surprised if GSP got it.

Round 5: (last night 10-9) right now, GSP 10-9 JH.
GSP starts better landing a head kick and jab, he clinches and looks for the takedown and cuddles landing more shots than JH. GSP pushes to the fence before JH reverses and does more of the same. JH tries a kimura but fails, back standing. Body kick, shots and takedown for GSP. They have a breather as GSP pushes to the fence. JH reverses and does more of the same. Reversal after reversal against the fence. They break, GSP lands better and then pushes to the fence. GSP gets the takedown and pushes to the fence as JH gets up and reverses to push against the fence. GSP goes for the kimura.

Having re watched it then I scored it GSP 48-47 JH. Correct decision IMO.
This is exactly how I saw it on a second watch.