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Thread: The official GSP "time out for personal reasons" rumour thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babycakes View Post
    One word mental health
    That is comedy gold!

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    A little dicky bird told me that the break is because he's planning to undergo gender re-assignment.

    If in a years time, Georgina "Blush" St Pierre is the new face of the UFC's Womens 155lb division, then remember you heard it here first.

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    ^ You're fucking crazy.

    Georgina wouldn't make 155!

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    Some people react to stress differently.
    I see allot of fighters that become a victim of success and lose something as they progress.
    Once they get a 5-0 winning streak or title belt the fear of losing gets more intense and the stress starts to set in.
    When they are starting out they can often look like beasts who would fight anybody at any time which doesn't necessarily change but how they feel about doing that does and this can manifest in dozens of ways from the way they fight to even ducking fights or mysterious "injuries".
    GSP looks to have suffered from this quite deeply over the past couple of years and whilst I am sure he has "personal problems" they are amplified by his anxiety caused by the pressure of being the biggest pay per view draw and champion with a long winning streak.

    Some people have the ability become famous but really are not designed for fame and I think he is one of them.

    Then again he might just be ghey, who knows?

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    I will show GSP's photo to my hairdresser, he has impeccable gaydar, at the very least we can both sigh over GSP's body lol.
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    I heard Bakedbean was about to out him about some dodgy business practices.......
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    he kept repeating the line about leaving everything in the cage, that being his best etc. seems the stress from the criticism of him not stopping fights may have gotten to him, along with the general stress of being hunted down by the best of the best year in year out for 6 years, particularly with the spartan style lifestle he lives and breathes in the sport.
    getting punched harder in the head than he's ever been before, more often than hes ever been before for 25 minutes can't help your motivation too much either. add to it any external personal issues like the wild suggestions going round, it's easy to see how someone could break. i feel like i need a holiday just typing that.

    best bet is for the ufc to work out what's happening quickly, ensure he gets all the support he needs and the appropriate down time he needs. but they need to decide upon the belt, if he wants indefinite time off, or longer than 6 months then he should be allowed it, but the title should be vacated with hendricks fighting condit(?). if he thinks he can be back within 6 months then give him that chance then give hendricks his rematch.

    i see there being an interim champ, likely hendricks after he smashes whoever, then gsp eventually coming back to a massive ppv return to re-gain the belt and cement himself as the p4p greatest of all time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tez View Post
    I will show GSP's photo to my hairdresser, he has impeccable gaydar, at the very least we can both sigh over GSP's body lol.
    He is a work of art lol you just want to put him in glass and put him on display in the window heas perfect haha

    Also Hendricks wrestling simply too strong for George he is a unusual fighter where he seems to be extremely strong and can last a 5 round fight without gassing.
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    Absolutely agree with londonpride.
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