Gutted about this as I've always been a massive fan of the Haymaker since his Ami days. He gets an awful lot of shite from fans in this country (which is unusual, we normally back our own) but imo he is one of the best fighters we have produced in recent years and without duobt one of the most exciting - HW champ, 2x weight world champ, best Cruiser on the planet at the time no doubt. Probably only Joe Calzaghe can boast of being the only other best fighter in his weightclass (british fighters) in the last 10 years since Lewis retired.

His fight with Mormeck in France was one of my boxing highlights, and the real shame is no one in the HW division would KO Tyson Fury as spectaculaly as Haye would, stylistaically that was the perfect fight for him and as bad a matcup as Fury could get. I also think he would've beaten a past Vitali if he did get another shot but we'll never know now!

Good luck to Haye and thanks for the memories!