Hi guys,

It feels like ages since I've logged in here and I'm sad to say it has been but in my defence the UG has an app and it's just been easier to get my mma news from there.

Anyway, I've been teaching in Spain for the last three years since MMA Unltd went under and I am now back in blighty unemployed again and was hoping someone here might have some work to put my way in the north east.

Unfortunately I can't offer bribes, bum sex or any other forms of inticement for your help except to promise I'm a grafter and I've got references from the MMA community to that effect.

As a side note, I do have a mobile catering trailer (but very few events lined up) which if anyone can point me in the direction of any interclubs etc in the north east, I would be happy to pull up in the carpark and provide food to competitors and spectators. This could provide work (albeit occassional) for someone from cagewarriors who is also struggling to find employment but for now, I am desperate for some other work or events to cater for. I will do anything but have experience labouring, teaching, betting, catering, sales and customer service.

Thanks in advance...