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Thread: Fun article about history of Vale Tudo and MMA in Brazil

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    Default Fun article about history of Vale Tudo and MMA in Brazil

    if anything gets a cameo appearance out of shaolinsubz, this will be it...

    The history of vale tudo can be traced back to 1914, when “Conde Koma” Mitsuyo Maeda landed on the shores of Porto Alegre, Brazil, for a series of martial arts exhibitions. A well-traveled fighter who had trained judo at the sport’s Mecca, the Kodokan, Maeda settled in Belem and opened his own gym, out of which he began to teach judo and Japanese jiu-jitsu to local youth. A few short years after arriving in Brazil with his grappling exhibitions and challenge matches, Maeda received a new student. In 1917, a 15-year-old Carlos Gracie enrolled at his academy and trained daily with Maeda for almost three years.

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