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Thread: Glory 10 t Robin van Roosmalen.

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    Default Glory 10 t Robin van Roosmalen.

    He was number 1 seed at Glory last night in new york at lightweight and is a judo black belt at lightweight. Seemed legit my question is do you think he will join the ranks of mma?.

    here is a quick vid for those who are unaware

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    not a huge kickboxing fan, but watched last night's show.

    All I knew going in was that Giorgio was going to walk through that tournament.

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    Yeah its the first full event Ive watched, enjoyed it tho.
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    Absolutely monumental upset there. Not to say that Ristie was some chump or anything, but Petrosyan has looked completely untouchable for so long. His only flaw, if you can call it that, is his brittle hand, which he apparently broke again early in the fight. According to John Joe O'Regan on twitter, it was the first time in his career that he'd been put on his arse too.

    Crazy stuff.

    Couple of really good showings for GLORY on Spike TV. Hearing that they're looking to mix it up a bit with their 'sports entertainment' offerings. Apparently they're looking to ditch TNA Wrestling in favor of WWE Smackdown. If I was Bellator I'd be taking a slightly nervous look at how many eggs they're willing to throw in the GLORY basket.
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    There's your

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    Cue Joe Rogan screaming "world class elite level striking..."
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    Watched that last night lovely short left hook to end Giorgios night

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    I love watching Glory you cant help but improve your striking by watching how those guys set up shots and counter.
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    Hollenbeck looked huge compared to his opponent. He is 5-1 in MMA and should go back into it IMO.

    Granted he ranked 8th in the world.

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