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Thread: Fighters & social media

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    Default Fighters & social media

    interesting article

    “If I read a couple and get mad, and I feel like saying something back? That’s when I know I need to cool out for a second and turn it off,” [Rashad] Evans told MMAjunkie. “Because Twitter, it’s great, but Twitter will hurt your damn feelings, man.”
    “People who go out of their way to look you up so they can tell you they hate you, even though they’ve never even met you, chances are they probably don’t have an awesome life,” [Meisha] Tate said. “The normal, functioning people, they probably don’t spend their whole lives on Twitter telling people they don’t know that they don’t like them. The normal, successful fans of yours are probably at work right now.”
    'maybe on reflection that was a genuine grievance and not a gimmick. '

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post

    Part of been pro you need thick skin.
    This page has had 931 visits lets get it to 1000

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    If you've bought 10,000 fake followers then it doesn't matter because they won't interact with you anyway

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    Hmmm Jimmy whats your twitter handle...

    I can't wait to abuse you Jimmy............on twitter?
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    So after reading that all I got was that Rashad sucks. Right?

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    Social media can definitely be a blessing and a curse. If used well, its a great way for fighters to promote their brand. It's a great way to attract, and work with, sponsors.

    Then again, there are some fighters out there for whom twitter is the last thing they need to be involved with. We've seen guys fly off the handle at the slightest criticism, we've even seen guys lose their jobs over ill-judged comments. I've spoken to numerous companies who've told me that they would never consider sponsoring certain fighters (both here and abroad) due to their social media accounts.

    Thick skin is a must for anyone putting themselves out there on social media, and if you're serious about your career (MMA or otherwise) then you should be very careful about what you put out there, and who can see it.
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    In errr....."more professional sports" an athletes social media presence is heavily managed by a specific social media marketing person/team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    In errr....."more professional sports" an athletes social media presence is heavily managed by a specific social media marketing person/team.
    Yep. Sadly there just isn't the money in MMA yet, outside of the top tier, for most guys to have a social media manager/PR team. Plus there are a fair few managers in MMA that are worse than their clients when it comes to social media :-p
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    Curtis Woodhouse turned up at the address of a guy that was trolling him; the fella shat his pants. The guy had been mugging him off on twitter for a period of time so he offered a couple of hundred quid if someone could pass on his address. He wasn't nearly as brave when he had Curtis on his doorstep and clearly the abused stopped. Shame this doesn't happen more often!

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    I remember reading about that, been a fan of woodhouse since

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