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Thread: Referees eye view

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    Default Referees eye view

    The larger shows have big screens for the crowd and a guy on a ladder with the camera. Has anyone ever thought of the ref wearing a body camera and that showing on the screen so you get a refs eye view of the action, they have it in rugby and it works well. Would stop the Tony Moran like incidents happening as well.
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    They had the ref cam in Pride FC

    I am sure the UFC did it too a while ago
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    It's been done for years in many organisations. Just strap a GoPro onto a ref's head and you're golden.
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    I saw photos of Leon Roberts wearing glasses at a show which turned out to have a small cam on the side.

    Sometimes the footage from those things is a bit askew but it's generally a good idea as long as it has a fisheye lens from hell on it.

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    IMO, referees should not wear anything such as cameras.
    The scenario of a referee, wearing a foreign object such as a camera, say around his chest, has to intervene between 2 fighters to stop a fight - as he moves in, the camera catches one of the fighters and cuts him, catches him in the eye, etc.
    Or, even the camera coming loose and falling onto fight area or onto fighters - possibilities are endless - all which could affect fighters and/or outcome of a fight.
    Not a good idea, IMO.
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    Cage Rage 2 Royce Gracie reffed with a camera on. He was shite. Don't think the camera had anything to do with that.
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    /\ /\ /\ I was in Jess' corner for that fight and I spent most of the time swearing at Royce for being shit.
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    Agree with what Deano said.

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    I have been asked by 2 promotions recently to wear a ref cam!!
    Refused on both occasions, I make sure I am not wearing anything that could cause an injury to either fighter i.e watch, ring, belt etc why would I want to strap a lump of metal to my chest !!!
    Stupid stupid idea, my 1st and foremost concern is fighter safety.

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    quality post. Watch. Ring. Belt. Intrusive camera. /thread
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