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Thread: McGregor responds to Sanchez, little out of order imo!

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    Thing is though, 8/10 Chael has backed it up. McGregor is yet to show that he can.

    Guess we'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    Thing is though, 8/10 Chael has backed it up. McGregor is yet to show that he can.

    Guess we'll see.
    agreed. he's still got a lot to prove and i wouldn't be surprised if he goes the same way as all the other highly rated young british/irish fighters and after a few wins against gatekeepers struggle in the top 10. i hope he makes it though, he's entertaining in and outside of the cage.

    he'll look a right cock if he fails to back it up now though. putting a bit of pressure on himself, but he seems to have the personality that can handle it, which is vital in mma.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyPerry View Post
    He's awesome. I am well and truly on the Conor bandwagon. Everything about him is awesome......apart from his dicky bows.
    I gotta disagree, I love his fckin dickey bows. He looked like a peaky blinder at one of the UFC shows last month, couldn't help but have a chuckle.

    I couldn't care less whether he calls out fighters or gets in to twitter wars. Diego Sanchez is no better and to some extent I agree with what Connor is saying! He does still have it all to prove and there are a few of guys in the division that would own him, but he is a work in progress and I think SOME of the hype is justified. As a fighter, i absolutely fckin love him and he is great entertainment as well. If they were in the same weight class I think the Sanchez fight would be an absolute war. Personally Id like to see him fight Cole Millar. Miller will be very relevant FW and would be a tough fight and a good step for Connor. I think its a fight he wins and would possible get him around th etop ten

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    I dont think he will look a cock if he doesnt do well.

    It happens all the time. People just simply forget lol.
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    tbh sanchez started it with McGregor. McGregor was never out of line with what he said. He's the most entertaining fighter in the ufc for the media to interview.

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    McGregor is keeping his name out there at the moment which I suspect is his plan, he is doing an excellent job of keeping his profile up there, of course he needs to prove himself in bigger fights but.....lots of people know his name and the same can't be said about more than 50% of the current roster to be fair, for with respect a lower tier fighter (simply because he still needs those big fights) he is getting the coverage of a top tier fighter....well played I say.
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