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Thread: Would Conor McGregor be able to escape Enty's leglocks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enty View Post
    The move is a set up off slipping a right hand I land it in a gym often, the only way I couldn't do it again is if people didn't throw right hands, my dream isn't to be a ufc champion my dream is to be a man who changed how this sport is fought, I see leg entanglements different to others
    i quite like this outlook. its always sick seeing people pulling off rarely used techniques. but i think theres a certain brazilian whos already made a big name for scary leglocks in the ufc.

    having a certain patented move that looks sick is always a good way to make a name for yourself in the mma world though. look at paul sass, even joe rogan refers to the 'sassangle' every time he fights, gives them something to hype and if/when you land it end up looking like a don. leg locking your way to the ufc....
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    You can pretty much guarantee that move will be getting drilled up and down the country this week. It was the speed of it that made it special for me and Simba is a tough dude so it must of been bang on for him to tap that quickly. Didn't really know much about him before the fight but boy do I know his name now will follow with interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timp View Post
    Incredible technique and all credit for the win. You can only do that move once though.
    Not entirely sure I agree with that, the way it happened so quickly reminded me a lot of Masakazu Imanari, and he pretty much made a career from grabbing legs, often in an innovative fashion - you knew it was going to come but it was a question of when and from where! Difficult to keep your legs out of the way for fifteen minutes when you need them to stand on!

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    Same as Rousey and an armbar - they know its coming.....
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