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Thread: Brad Picket: 'I'll be too much for Ian McCall'

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    Default Brad Picket: 'I'll be too much for Ian McCall'

    ignore the first two paragraphs, come on man wtf.

    Motivation has been the key factor. “One of the main reasons for the drop to flyweight is that I need the motivation. I’m ranked No 5 at bantamweight, which leaves me nowhere to go. I can stay in my weight class, fight people, get paid, get ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses but I want to achieve in the sport,” Pickett told Telegraph Sport.

    “At least if I try it, and if I don’t succeed, I could always come back up [to bantamweight],” Pickett reasons.
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    Pickett to be first British champ??? Could well be.

    Beat McCall then get a title shot against mighty mouse. UFC could sell that fight i think.
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    Imo brad is the best British fighter, had been for a while and easily one if the gamest and most exciting fighters in the world! My concern us the speed of guys like Dodson and Johnson. He was second best all night against wineland and he's a slouch compared to the 2 I've mentioned. I think Mccalls a good matchup for brad, can see him winning the fight and he has out wrestled and beat Johnson before but he's a much better fighter now. as long as the cut goes well he should be around the top 5 in the flys as well but I can't see him beating Dodson, Johnson or benevidez. A fight with linaker would be incredible but I think that is a tall order for brad again. On top of that time is also against him compared to the other guys who are all still under 30

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    Brad vs DJ, c'mon i'd love that!

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    Judging by this short man's particulars and his moniker "One Punch"; one must assume that he has the upper hand. (Pardon the pun sirs).

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    Brad already has a win against Demetrious Johnson when he was in WEC but that was at Bantamweight debut not Flyweight

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    I think McCall edges it. I see Pickett as elite but destined to never wear the strap, a bit like bisping.
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    I think uncle creepy will win, better wrestling, faster more athletic, but sometimes he doesn't show up. I'll be rooting for brad though I used to be an uncle creepy fan till i heard all sorts of stories from him and others, and i've come to the conclusion he's a pretty big douche.

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    I really like this fight a lot.

    Will be picking McCall come fight time, but it's a close fight that Pickett could easily take. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    I think Picketts power will see him through this fight, think McCall is top level but I can see Pickett giving McCall more trouble than the other way around

    WAR PICKETT!!!!!!!!!!!
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