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Thread: What next for Colin Fletcher?

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    Default What next for Colin Fletcher?

    A loss at BAMMA and now 9-4, what's next for the Freakshow?

    I guess he need's to be built up again as he is very marketable.

    I would have liked him to go to M4TC and gone on a tear but not sure if he's on a multi fight deal with BAMMA?
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    He went to war think he did the show justice. Hopefully he will go on a run.
    Retired 2k and out.

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    Seems a great guy to be fair, but in terms of where to go, it is not great is it.
    That was a must win fight IMO if he is looking to go back to the big leagues, Barnoui is not a big name fighter.
    Although very good.

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    Freakshow is exclusive to Bamma but can also fight on M4TC we have a great relationship with the guys at Bamma and any of there fighters that are signed can fight on M4TC we just need to sort things but freakshow will be back on Bamma soon i d like to see Andre Winner vs Freakshow and the winner fight Mansour Barnaoui down the line both lost title fights and both top fighters that would be a greta fight!!!

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