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Thread: UFC 168: Weidman vs Silva 2 Predictions- Kamikaze Overdrive MMA

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    What a horrible end to anderson's career. A terrible night all round.

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    I would be stunned if we ever see Anderson fight again.

    And it was nice for a change to have a blood feud (Ronda/Tate) where the two fighters actually hate each other and don't bury the hatchet after the fight. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Silva is done after that I fear, horrible way to end a career, just leaves it all kind of unfinished. If he had been brutally ko'd at least it would have been an exclamation mark on his career. Granted Weidman was in control and probably would have carried on in the same manner but it just didn't feel like resolution, shame really. Somewhat so for Weidman because people will still wonder if he really did beat the GOAT or just got lucky twice (no luck involved imho).

    Yeah was good to see Ronda snub her - keeping it real and you can't complain at that to be fair, maybe not in the spirit of MMA but she's true to her word and thats equally as important.

    Browne looked impressive, can't deny the tear he has been on...
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