A great fight card that will see some of the best domestic fighters meet on Feb 22nd after some Unified Amateur Rules fighters see fight card below for weights and records and also after a European based fighter to take on Andrew Punshon at MW for title also got a Pro 66kg BJJ Black Belt 1-0-0 to match Leon Amancio this is without a doubt 1 of the best domestic shows in UK and easily the best within the North East so if any Amateurs wanna be on a big show and fight msg me asap guys thanks

Main Events:
Pro Heavyweight European Title Bout: 265lbs/120.2kg
Stav Economou 15-3-1 vs (C) James Mulheron 4-0-0

Pro Welterweight European Title Bout: 170lbs/77.1kg
Ryan Scope 7-0-0 vs. (C) Walter Gahadza 13-0-0

Pro Light Heavyweight European Title Bout: 205lbs/93.0kg
Stu Tyrie 6-7-0 vs (C) Richy 'Guvnor' Knox 4-1-0

Pro Middleweight Vacant European Title Bout: 185lbs/83.9kg
TBC vs Andrew Punshon 13-7-0

------------20min Break Before 4 Fight Main Event-----------

Pro Lonsdale British Lightweight Title Bout: 155lbs/70.3kg
Antanas Jazbutis 17-20-0 vs (C) Paul Cook 14-4-0

Pro Female Strawweight Bout: 115lbs/52kg
Michelle Nicolini 1-0-0 vs Lanchana Green 0-0-0

Pro Lightweight Bout: 155lbs/70.3kg
Patrick Jalloh 2-1-0 vs Lewis Monarch 3-0-0

Pro Welterweight Bout: 170lbs/77.1kg
Aaron Thomas 4-2-0 vs Chris Thirkell 2-0-0

Pro Lightweight Bout: 155lbs/70.3kg
Carl Longden 0-0-0 vs Frankie Slater 2-1-0

Pro Welterweight Bout: 170lbs/77.1kg
Dez Parker 1-1-0 vs Perry Goodwin 0-0-0

-------------Unified Amateur Under-Card --------------

Unified Amateur Lightweight Title Bout: 155lbs/70.3kg
Tony Shields 3-0-0 vs (C) Kieran Lister 6-0-0

Unified Amateur Middleweight Bout: 185lbs/83.9kg
Matt Pepper 0-1-0 vs Ian Brown 1-0-0

Unified Amateur Lightweight Bout: 155lbs/70.3kg
Grant Gaunt 2-2-0 vs Ross Hughes 2-1-0

Unified Amateur Featherweight Bout: 145lbs/65.8kg
TBC vs Lewis Garside 2-0-0

Unified Amateur Welterweight Bout: 170lbs/77.1kg
TBC vs Justin Burlinson 2-0-0 (Age 17 so someone similar age)

Unified Amateur Lightweight Bout: 155lbs/70.3kg
TBC vs Dean Purcell 1-0-0

Unified Amateur Bantamweight Bout: 135lbs/61.2kg
Raf Voza 3-1-0 vs Luke Westwood 2-0-0

Unified Amateur Flyweight Bout: 125lbs/56.7kg
TBC vs Chris Spence 2-0-0

Unified Amateur Catchweight Bout: 192lbs/87kg
Gerard Salmon 1-0-0 vs George Pattison 1-0-0