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Scraps got fucking levelled off my team mate in his last fight

Jay your posts all lies and cheap duck out the only ranking system I am interested in is the world rankings on sherdog because that's what the big shows go off, I just wanna fight people shame u ain't the same

I have something big in June but wanna fight before that.
Scraps lost a FOTN decision to your teammate, that's hardly getting levelled but OK....

Lies and cheap duck out, alright then. I'll let people make their own minds up as to whether I'm a liar and a fight welcher because I'm sure the evidence says otherwise. When you pulled out on the day at CW in London, who agreed to fight your opponent on an hour's notice? Aye, me, that's who. The fight was on until Leary's management pulled it. That's verifiable by any of the Cage Warriors staff. I've stepped in on less than a day's notice at the other side of the world, on minutes notice on domestic shows and I've fought top level opposition.

You're right that 'I don't just want to fight people' though, I'll admit that. This shit ain't exactly good for your health so if there's nothing in it for me or it's not interesting to me then I won't do it. I'll never deny that. I'm not a career fighter, I've got a career. I'm a hobbyist that happens to do alright and wants mad opportunities. I'll never get trolled into a fight that doesn't bother me.

Good luck in June!