Dan Lloyd managed to catch up with Brad Pickett ahead of his flyweight debut in London. Brad talks about the weight cut, motivations to move to 125lbs, and getting the title:


YourMMA.tv: And thatís not the only special occasion here! This will be your very first fight at 125lbs in the flyweight division. Last time we spoke you seemed sure that you wanted to stay at 135lbs. What has changed since then?

Brad Pickett: Well I kind of ran out of fights at bantamweight that would have given me a clear path to the title. If I had beaten Michael McDonald I would have probably had my title shot, but I didnít. I want to be number one, Iím not just happy being in the UFC making up the numbers. I need challenges, I need motivation to better myself.

I wasnít the biggest bantamweight. I wasnít the smallest either, but I definitely wasnít the biggest, so I had a chat to my coaches and people close to me. They all thought I could make the weight and I donít want to finish my career and think shoulda, woulda, coulda. I want to be able to say Iíve done everything in my power to be number one in the world. If I lose to Ian McCall, Iíll probably go back up to bantamweight. Flyweight is tough to make for me, but as of right now, Iím on course.