What is every ones opinions on this?

Personally I think the idea is excellent and well worth the money. Being able to get access to so many old fights is fucking awesome, the new cards are just a plus.

Hopefully as they grow the thing the quality can be improved.

Let's just be honest here. As a UK fan in the past it's been really hard to watch the ufc. I swear fucking espn could not give less of a shit. Recording ufc events on dvr they fucking never allotted enough time. Pretty much all the ufc's in their time I missed the main event despite having paid for it. I emailed them and just got a "meh" reply they didn't give a fuck.

Any way I'm rambling. I'm ok with giving what amounts to a few pints in the pub too the ufc a month for this. The more of us do it, the better the service becomes (higher def vids etc).