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Thread: M4TC results???

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    Default M4TC results???

    Anyone ???

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    Thsnks Nimmy.

    Anyone know if Gahadza was injured? Was looking forward to hearing the result of his fight with Scope, props to Phil for stepping in.

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    Yeah, Gahadza got injured. I think they're wanting to do it at the next show but not 100%

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    Is that the second time that the Gahadza vs Scope fight has been arranged and called off?

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    Yeah Grizzly, hopefully they have it on the next one like Jay said.

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    Thought it was back in August/September and was going to be the Main Event.

    Don't think it'll ever happen, they say 3rd times a charm but...

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    Out of interest, how do you think it will go if they eventually fight?

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    I would pick Walter Gahadza.

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    Can't really say who has fought the better competition, both guys have beat some good fighters but both have also fought a lot of fighters with negative records.

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