Seriously mate, there 4 people there that day, 1 of them was you, 1 of them was me and the other two would only agree with me. I say bad things about you when they're due. I have no reason to run, there's just a time and a place and that wasn't it. I could spurt loads of shit about you running across the globe when things got rough at home but I won't.

Back to this topic, you missed by 0.2, therefore you missed. You didn't make weight. If they're sorting your diet out that's good! I expect you to make weight for your fight in Pakistan but don't moan if people criticise you should you miss again. I wish you the best of luck with your cut.

As for Anthony Jefferies I have never been a team mate of his. I've only ever had one conversation with him and thats when I interrupted a conversation between him and Danny Welsh so I think your facts are wrong on that one.

Andy Green again, never trained with him. I have met him a handful of times and as for Jay Furness, Jay has never backed out of a fight, you offered him a fight on a date where he was already fighting and another date were he was fighting the day before.

I am in no way affiliated with YourMMA. Jay has worked extremely hard to create a brand and they're not a fight team. They're a very established MMA website.

I agree with your final comment. Lets put this to bed, I'll say no more if you don't.

Let the thread continue as it should.