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Thread: On Top and SFC are back

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    Default On Top and SFC are back

    This was posted in the Scotland sub-forum, thought I'd put it in here for more people to see.

    Anyway, good to see them back.

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    go stef, good form.
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    Good write up...........although not too sure about him saying "Scotland went from having one of the healthiest MMA scenes outside America".............really.
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    Hopefully both are back to stay, both put on some great cards over the last few years.

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    Will i post this?

    It is with our upmost disappointment that we have to announce that we are having to cancel the event on Saturday due to the authorities not allowing the event to go ahead.

    We are extremely gutted about this and have spent so much time and money on this event. We really feel for the people that will be let down such as the fighters, coaches, fans, sponsors, staff etc who have all invested time and money into this event to no avail.

    Please direct any queries to the person you have been dealing with and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    We will give you's more of an update soon.



    The above is a post from On Top Promotions facebook page, looks like the show has been cancelled for a second time only two days before it was due to take place.

    Sad news, hope everything works out for On Top.

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    Gutted. Our boy Josh Collins was already up there and booked into his hotel cutting weight and what not. Shitty situation. That would have been a great fight. Not the first time for On Top - hopefully they can get over these problems because I know they work hard to put on a great show but these issues are really messing them up.

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    Yeah shitty situation for everyone involved, especially fighters in the middle of a weight cut.

    Apparently the reason was because On Top had an entertainment licence and not a sports licence.

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    Just to clear a few things up:

    Its the venue that requires the Entertainment licence and not us and that is all you need as MMA is not governed in the UK and not a recognised "sport" in any of the sports councils throughout the UK.

    Police Scotland released a statement saying the following: "We didn't cancel this event. The Hilton cancelled it following discussions with Police Scotland regarding their licence."

    We are trying to ascertain what "discussions" there were as we were only aware of the confusion between the Police and Hilton regarding whether or not they deemed MMA be be a sport. We provided supporting proof to them in plenty of time yet it was still cancelled.

    The same venue have hosted MMA events in the past.

    On Top Lawyers are on the case... - MMA Promotion/Fighter Management

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    The police are cunts.

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