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Thread: The Accrington guard you tube video

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    Enturd is a poor mans Imanari

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sengoku View Post
    Enturd is a poor mans Imanari
    Funny that because he doesn't think so

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    cool vid, nice insight

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    Quote Originally Posted by enty View Post
    I would always look for an area that people don't understand I believe the easiest way to beat an opponent of any level is to do things they have never seen before

    If you truly look at the ground game of fighting and think back to the time you was a beginner the reason you got submitted so much is because people where doing things to you and you didn't have a clue what they was doing that still applies if a fighter is a beginner intermediate or advanced if you don't understand the position and what they are doing it's harder to defend if you look at all the great fighters in any art they didn't do the same as everyone else they had there own style and did things people just didn't understand what they was doing that is why I believe they were so good.
    Interesting answer, tar mate.
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