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Thread: What next for the UFC London Brits?

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    Default What next for the UFC London Brits?

    There were good wins, fighters that raised their stock in defeat, and some hard to swallow losses.

    Here's some thoughts on what matchups could be made following Saturday's event:

    What fights would you make?

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    Are they saying Jimmy Vs Bader?

    Bad match up for Jim IMO. Bader will no doubt try to hold him down for 3 rounds.
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    Would like to see Jimi against Barroso, could make for an exciting fight.

    Agree with Jimi/Bader. Don't want to see a good striker held down for 15mins.

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    Would love to see Brad fight Might Mouse. He has already neat him so it gives it a story to sell.

    However i think Johnson has took it to another level over the last 2 years. He looks amazing. Be a hard fight for Brad but if it happens i'll be hoping he can pull it off. Fingers crossed!
    Team Rough House - UKs no1 fight team

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    Give Pickett his title shot imho. HAs a win over Mighty Mouse already, is an exciting fighter and has more than paid his dues.
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    I'd like to see Pickett get a title shot, but I don't think he should jump the line in front of Bagautinov. Maybe one more fight and then fight the winner of MM/Ali.

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    good articles jay
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    Give him the shot he deserves it.
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