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Thread: The Notorious documentary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Trueman View Post
    Won't let me watch the vid!
    Sorry, was at work when i posted it and worked fine but now im home it wont play, try this

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    Miller actually worry s me and its not because I think he is a better fighter then Connor its because on the few occasions Iv seen him fight he just always seems to find a way to win. I guess im just a bit worried after seeing him beat Pearson and Ogle and with all the high hopes we have for him it would be a tragedy if a cocky guy like Miller some how managed to fluke it. Just saying i would not be gutted if Conner got offered anybody else at all as I dont know what it is about Miller but I just see him as a bogie for our nation and nations close to ours fighters.

    If im talking shit feel free to say lol but I see Miller as very dangerous.

    Edit and just so you know I rate Conner as high as I rate any European in the world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babycakes View Post
    If im talking shit feel free to say
    You're talking shit
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    enjoyed that doc, big fan of connor
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIg Red View Post
    enjoyed that doc, big fan of connor
    and me. i dont normally watch docs on fighters because 9/10 they come across as dicks but this one i enjoyed.

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    I've NEVER known as much hype as what Connor has. It's ridiculous. He's definitely got a bright future ahead of him.
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