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Thread: Gilani/Fighters hive stunt

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    Default Gilani/Fighters hive stunt

    These guys have brought a Brazilian fighter Nathaniel Ferreria to there gym for 6 weeks to teach classes Gilani has been contacting Scottish promoters trying to get the guy a amatuer fight while he is here claiming he is a blue belt. Turns out the guy has fought professional in brazil and is a brown belt in juijitsu.
    Fighters have can't win fights so are trying to use ringers.

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    Oh dear.......
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    Evidence or source?
    Fuck no-gi

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    its over facebook man, i think theres a bit of confusion around whats been said/ not said etc...

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    He said she said bullshit
    Fuck no-gi

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    Just tried to have a look for this on facebook, couldn't find anything but did see that Ricky Gillon is now a black belt?! When did that happen?
    An unintuitive consequence of conditional probability.

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    was on rob mcrums page man. Ricky Gillon got his black belt earlier in the month, big thread on the Scottish grapplers facebook page about it

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