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Thread: Warburton vs. Ray, CWFC lightweight title, London, June 7

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    The first fight was extremely close and I reckon ray has improved a lot since then. Rays a young guy with a ton of upside so I think cage warriors are conscious of that and give him a lot of the big fight opportunities. Warburton certainly seems to be underrated a lot but he's had a chance in the ufc and I hope ray takes the Win and goes on to get his.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    With regards to the illness thing from NYE, I think a lot of fighters do weight cut themselves into bad spots. I hear it a lot - "Oh, I was ill on the day of the fight", "I got sick after weighing in" etc and I'm not going to say they're not ill, I have respect for most of these guys and believe what they say. However, it can largely be self inflicted because it's a pretty traumatic thing to do to your body and puts it in a very vulnerable state. Starving your body, depleting it rapidly, and then doing the opposite, all in the space of 24-48hrs is bound to have negative effects sometimes.

    If you choose to fight, it is of my opinion that you've deemed yourself well enough to compete and I wouldn't publicly come out and give an excuse as to why I'd lost afterwards. An "excuse" doesn't have to be a negative term by the way, it's just the reason someone gives.

    That said, the first fight between Stevie and Curt was very close. Both great fighters, and it's a worthy title fight.
    I totally accept what you say Jay as all fighters can say they were not 100% and had niggly injuries etc or couldn't do somethings in the fight due to injury...but this was the first time that Steven has suffered from sickness, food related sickness btw and not from the weight cut. His weight cut was perfect and he is always well rehydrated after weigh-ins.

    Maybe it's making an excuse? not sure? but when someone is stuck to the toilet in the hotel, as soon as they get to the venue and even 5 minutes before the fight then that would affect them in some way. Of course he could have pulled out but hes not the type to give in and would always try and fight through as he wouldnt want to let his travelling fans down and Cagewarriors.

    It was a close fight with Buchinger and he did really well to take the first 3 rounds considering how he must have been feeling but guess adrenaline kicked in and made him fight. Did it take it's toll later in the fight? not sure?.

    End of the day Buchinger won and Steven accepts that totally.

    In relation to the Curt fight, Steven is really looking forward to it and jumped at the chance for the opportunity. Their first fight was very close and Curt is a very big threat so it will be a great fight again.

    Glad it's over 5 this time and i'm sure Steven will be very motivated to win the title back and avenge a loss - MMA Promotion/Fighter Management

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