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Thread: Whats the difference between Connor McGregor and Carlos Condits knee injuries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    I stepped on a Lego once, that shit was pure evil.
    I've heard standing on plugs can lead to amputation.

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    Nothing will challenge pain the I once experienced by stubbing by pinky toe on a table leg.............yes I lived to tell the tale.
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    I stepped on a Lego once, that shit was pure evil.
    "Stepped on" with your backside, son! I know you had trouble explaining that one to the doctors!
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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    Even fucking harder explaining why I slipped and fell into a lego sheep
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    genuine story, once heard of a fella who went into a&e with a biro lid jammed in his urethra, ouch.

    'you see, I was eating a sandwich while working at night, then there was a powercut. I had a bite of my sandwich and realised when the lights came back on, the lid must have fallen onto my sandwich... and it ... worked it's way through the system I suppose...'
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    Conor: The damage to his knee included an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, medial collateral ligament (MCL) strain and meniscus tear.

    ^ this states that Conor had a 2 tear's (albeit I don't know to what extent) and a strain.

    For most athletes, the standard recovery timetable is between 6-10 months, depending on how they respond to physical rehabilitation.

    Carlos Condit needs surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament as well as a partially torn meniscus in his right knee.

    ^ This states that Condit's was torn, there wasn't a tear it had completely gone plus a partially torn (which I imagine is what Conor did) meniscus.

    A tear can be a 5% tear... torn is the entire thing.

    Condit's sounds like it was a lot worse and where Conor may be back in the alloted 6-10 months time, Condit's looks like it'll be a lot longer and hasn't yet even been given a 'rough' date.
    Cheers for the explanation Grizzly, and lol at Evzy, it does indeed look like Condit stood on a lego brick haha

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