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Thread: bodybuilder died from 'massive' steroid use TWO heart attacks and THREE strokes

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    Default bodybuilder died from 'massive' steroid use TWO heart attacks and THREE strokes

    Some 18 year old was juicing from the age of 16, he is dead now ... i think the sad think about this story is he didnt even look in great shape for all his efforts. Always worth seeking guidance with AAS.

    Its a Daily mail story so its going to be shit. It doesnt show his sycle or abuse , doesnt really say much , much like every story from the daily mail. I dont even think it was the AAS that killed him , probably already had a heart condition that no one spotted.

    anyway , very sad indeed.

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    trouble with docs is as soon as you mention you take steroids they try and pin every ache and pain youve ever had on them.

    even though it is a sad story when someone so young dies if the story is any where near accurate the boy was a idiot.

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    I stopped reading when they classified Milk Thistle as a 'muscle builder' fucking knobs ME

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