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Thread: Jake Shields Released From The UFC

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    Default Jake Shields Released From The UFC

    Been announced today that Shields has been released. He's only lost once in three year so must be for a similar reason to Okami's release or that his style has cost him.
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    Great fighter but imo its due to his style he has been cut ala Fitch/Okami, I'm one of the few who enjoys watching Jake fight, I understand its not everyone's cup of tea though.

    Wonder where he will end up.

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    Not a move I would have made if I was running the UFC, but I can't say I am surprized by this. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    He would have never got another title shot theirs two many strong wrestlers who can nullify his take downs and his striking is abysmal,and he is good awful to watch as well

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    When you look at Shields the guy has an amazing record.

    Shooto Welterweight Champion
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    Strikeforce Middleweight Champion

    He's beaten Daley, Henderson, Okami, Condit, Miller, Kampmann, Akiyama, Maia and Woodley.

    Don't think he'll have a problem finding a home.
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    I think the UFC Mainly do this from a business stand point. Im sure if Shields was willing to drop to 10k/10k they would keep him forever.

    Why pay a top guy top dollar when he beats people in a "boring style". Who then could beat their top guys and mess up their plans for the other fighters.

    Same with Fitch and Okami. Top fighters but don't really bring anything to the UFC Money/Marketing wise. So why pay them a top wage.
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    The UFC is a business first, then a sport.

    As such I understand the move, shame personally though as a big fan of Jake's & actually liked watching him fight, similar to seeing Fitch. You know what he's going to do & yet still very few can stop him.

    I'm sure he'll find a new company soon enough but wonder if these recent cuts for being "boring" are meant as a wake up call to those still on the roster?

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    Did anyone ever see Shields on Mayhem's Bully Beatdown, dude struggled to finish a noob in that, think you had 3 minutes to sub them up to 5 times and I swear he played it safe and only subbed the dude twice or something..

    Decent fighter and in the regard that he is a serious test for any up and coming fighter its a shame, but...I am not shocked noting the way they canned Fitch and so on...he has been relegated to gatekeeper status though I think and the UFC only seems to keep those dudes around if they put on an exciting fight..
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