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Thread: Canned Hunt – UK MMA ‘Journeymen’

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    Default Canned Hunt – UK MMA ‘Journeymen’

    New blog, some thoughts on journeymen, cans, jobbers and everything inbetween:

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    Good read that - I was hoping you'd name some of these cans though
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    Ł300 is a lot do all promoters pay that?
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    nice writing

    my favourite bit: 'Antoniowned'

    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    Good read!

    I'm principally a liberal guy who thinks the individual must take responsibility for its own voluntary actions. But after some years in the fight game I've seen some horrendous matchup choices made by fighters who are way too tough or way too confident in their own abilities to make rational decisions.
    Regulation would take care of some of that inherent risk although it would also come with lots of red tape.

    To me that's an acceptable drawback.

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