Gavin Sterritt moved on to 2-0 under the Bellator banner a couple of weekend's back, with a win over 6-2 Mike Estus.

Harry Williams spoke to him about his recent success, flying under the radar and letting his fighting do the talking:

“Last weekend I felt so much better than in my debut,” beamed Gavin. “I was on point and did what I wanted to do in that fight instead of waiting for my opponent to make his moves. In the first fight I was a little nervous with the whole wrestling thing. America is a huge place for wrestling and it has always been our Achilles heel.

“I felt a bit tentative going forward on an elite wrestler in case of the takedown, but this time I didn’t care and tried to end him as quickly as possible. I remembered the saying that everybody’s plan goes out the window when they get hit in the face, so I used that approach which put me in my groove.”