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Thread: Brett Johns Misses Weight- Vacates CWFC Belt

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    Yeah tonight in premier sports about 7:30 I think but defo in tonight

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    Clinical performance by Johns.

    Brum had no answer for it. Call the style what you want and as upset Brum was at the bell, he was comfortably and comprehensively beaten.

    Excellent performance.
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    His style may not be to everyones liking, but the pikey is an animal, no question about it.

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    for a guy his age to go in there with someone who was on a massive tear and was one of the top guys in Europe shows how much talent he has. He is by no means the finished article but as he progresses and gets better then think people will see more of him. I dont think he could handle Ronnie Mann though and see him above anyone in that division right now.
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    I haven't got premier sports any where else ya can watch it? Or just gotta wait til its in YouTube??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean Trueman View Post
    I haven't got premier sports any where else ya can watch it? Or just gotta wait til its in YouTube??
    It'll be repeated tonight at 9pm on
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    Brilliant performance by Johns. Really surprised me and I'm sure a lot of others. Think that's why I enjoyed the fight so much. Hell of a talent at 22.

    Seems the irony has yet to become apparent to those spouting off on social media, with Brum being a grinder and all.
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    TTT for the videos when they are ready, no rush, just saying, interest is there.
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    Thats what impressed me Atticus, the manner in which Johns grinded a grinder for five rounds.

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