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    Main Pro card

    Craig McIntosh (DNFT) v Matti Laurenson (Spartans) FW (Bout did not go ahead)

    Keiran Malone (DNFT) Def Stephane Guaresi (Boxing Squad France) 72kgs CW (RNC Rnd 1)

    Edipo Fernandez (France) Def Paul Patrick (Shooters) 73kg CW (TKO Rnd 1)

    Iain Postlethwaite (Lycans) Def Robert Carlin (Antonine Mma) StrawW (TKO GnP Rnd 1)

    Euan Sloan (Shooters) v Rab Truesdale (Assassins) HW (Bout did not go ahead)

    Ian Feenan (Headhunters) Def Wully Mccurdy (Force Fitness) 80kg CW. (RNC Rnd 1)

    *K1 rules
    Adam Stevenson (SMAC) Def Ravzan Boast 70kg (Corner retirement Rnd 1)

    Amateur MMA Undercard

    Peter Mcafferty (Chimera) Def Mark Duncan (Wishaw MMA) 62kgs (Triangle Rnd 1)

    Chris Duncan (SMAC) Def Chris Morton ( Ind ) 77kgs (TKO GnP Rnd 1)

    Mike Cowperthwaite (Spartans) Def Roddy Campbell (Shooters) 84kgs (TKO GnP Rnd 2)

    Garry Priestley (Ind) Def Aubery Tarr (IFS Ni) 57kgs (Guillotine Rnd 1)

    Simon Kelly (Team Parente) Def Scott Drummond (SMAC) 68kgs (KO Rnd 3)

    Kalvis Ciemins (Fusion MMA) Def Brian Forrest (Independent) 84kgs (Arm Triangle Rnd 1)

    Owen Longrigg (Lycans) Def Jack Demarco (Team Parente) 70kgs (Guillotine Rnd 1)

    Grahame Postlethwaite (Lycans) Def Thomas Henney (SMAC) 80kgs (Armbar Rnd 1)

    Wil update when I can.
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