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Thread: Where will the UK H.W scene "emerge" from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWinstonChurchill View Post
    What's the current UK LHW scene like?
    Again, quite shallow. There are some good fighters kicking about, but compared to the divisions between 135-185, it lacks depth.

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    We really only have Manuwa and Vassell who have proved they can cut it at the top level.
    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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    The HW scene has always been weak. Cain has Werdum next then who? Randy is his mid 40s return to HW and dominated on route to winning the title. Could a rookie like Lesnar repeat his success at WW or LW?

    Within the UK scene, most of the HWs I've seen are blown up LHWs - It would not take much to get their weight under 100kg and then it's an easy cut to 93kg.

    Is there enough depth at LHW for Cage Warriors to build a division? Maybe not now, but with a bit of effort maybe they will have 6-8 names they could build a title run around.

    All Cage Warriors would need to do is to try and aim to have maybe 1 LHW fight on every other event.

    I don't think you could do the same for HW.

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