Hi Guys

You input would be very welcome on a problem that has come up.

In New Zealand MMA rules seem to be a but behind like UK was at one point.

They have Pro Fights - Unified Rules - well just about lol - But agreed Pro

They have Amateur fights called - A Class and B Class and C Class

They are much like the old Pro B - no elbows - Semi Pro No head shots on the ground etc

So in some places like Europe they don't allow elbows. So when agreed they are Pro, which is normal.

So a show just had a women's only event.

The wholes show was on the card as A Class

Now they had 2 tournaments fights.

The first tournament winner girl who was given the Novice Championship belt.

Which was fine

The second Tournament winner was given a Championship Belt

First fight was 3x3 mins and final fight was 3x5mins

The winner as had her record updated on Sherdog as pro fights as she is a pro fighter. So she beat two first time amateurs and as bumped her record from pro 5-1 to 7-1

The promoter is saying -
I have no idea as I have not sent my results to anyone or even have time to read what Neil sent me. BUT I did talk to the Sher Dog people a while back and they say there is no real definition of PRO. The rules we had the girls fight under were very close to pro the only difference being the use of elbows. The only other option would be amateur which is like B class…padded etc and our fights are to far from that to be listed as that. When I spoke to him he recommended calling them pro.

The other definition of pro is if they were paid and both the 4 women and the round robin had prize money so would under that definition be pro also.

The only thing stopping them from being pro is elbows.

America offer amateur which is like B class and Pro nothing in between.

I haven't read any of what people are saying and I never do I just go by what the experts say and since I spoke to Sher Dog directly and they recommended Pro then that is what I would call them.

Sorry if this is no help but like I said I haven't had time to list any results or give anyone permission to do so, so I have no idea what has or is being said.

Then she came back as said as they where paid it was pro. Now they where not paid the winner was given a prize amount. The other fighters did not agree to a pro fight.

I asked to see contacts but none where given out. Sherdog are saying the promoter needs to correct it and the promoter is saying they told her if fighters are paid then it is pro. Now she is just telling them that to keep it pro.

This is very bad for World rankings as this pro fighter will be now rated higher that girls fighter pro fighters.

I have A Class fighters - Amateur this would make their fights pro lol

You input to this would really help.

Many thanks Alan