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Thread: Brett Johns Vs James Brum

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    I've seen some of your posts on Facebook & twitter. I need to address some of them.

    You claim that Brett Johns didn't throw a shot for seven consecutive minutes. I rewatched the fight & It's just not true.

    You've said that it was my first main event for Cage Warriors. This is just not true.

    You've said that perhaps nerves got the better of me. Patronising & again not true.

    You've said that both James & I will learn from the fight. Again patronising.

    You point to the fact that James Brum has been warned many times for inactivity against the fence. This is usually because he's chest to chest in a more equal position. When a fighter is bent over at the waist trying to connect his or her hands to complete a double it's more difficult to take away hard won positional superiority or say that they aren't trying to advance or work, which are the criteria upon which a referee will reset a fight.

    You point to the fact that it was a "...TITLE fight."
    Title fights are refereed in exactly the same way as non title fights. No special dispensation is given.

    You point to stand up style fighters that you like & then to wrestler, grinder types that you & other promoters favour less. I feel that those wrestling/grinding styles are as legitimate as the more eye catching striker styles &, without those styles, the sport is incomplete & less valid. It's not the referees job to dictate where or how the fight takes place, that's up to the fighters. Referees are charged with protecting fighters, enforcing rules & resetting the fight if it stalls. I feel I carried out all three tasks in the fight between Brett & James.

    Brett worked constantly trying to complete take downs. Whenever he hit a stall position, he moved his head & threatened from a different angle. On the few occasions I felt this wasn't the case I warned Brett to advance or be reset. Brett answered every call (bar two) with a takedown. On the single occasion when Brett & James were unable to advance position, despite two consecutive commands to the contrary, they were reset.

    If you have any questions or points you wish to raise please feel free to respond publicly or privately.

    I do not take this personally. You need thick skin to ref any sport.
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    Excellent post. I personally thought every call was just. Brett just put on a grappling clinic.
    Taking this shit, one day at a time.

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