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Thread: UCMMA/WFS Situation?

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    Default UCMMA/WFS Situation?

    Have seen on Facebook today that there's a lot of friction between UCMMA and Warrior Fight Series.

    It's got to the point where Dave O'Donnell has said anyone who fights on WFS is banned from ever fighting on UCMMA and I just saw something that said that he has already banned Lonsdale clothing/equipment from all UCMMA/WCMMA events due to them sponsoring WFS.

    I was just wondering if anyone could explain the friction and what it's all caused by etc?
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    It also got said that any press covering it wouldn't be welcomed back at UCMMA.

    WFS is Harry Shoebridge's new show. Obviously Harry was Dave's right hand man for a lot of years, learning his trade under D'oD at UCMMA. He decided to go it alone and clearly the split wasn't all that amicable!

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    Plus ca change..........
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    Looks like someone is throwing his toys out of the pram.
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    This is from Dave:

    Dave O'Donnell
    when someone works for you for 5 years and you help them in every way and he knows your business inside out its more than just a job ? after 2 weeks paid leave the man comes in office and says he working with his dad ..... well done family business you will go far mate ..... 2 weeks later i'm told he has a show a date and a website ... gutted i say don't date clash why didn't you say ?? answer well it just happened ... i cant see a problem ??? ...... then i find out that before Christmas he was asking fighters about his new show ...... for me that was it please use Vaseline before you fuck me SO AGAIN ANY FIGHTER REF JUDGE RING GIRL ECT who works on show will not work for me again ..... yes competition is good and fighters can fight where they want but don't fuck your so called mates
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    This is bad news for domestic scene. Why? Well I don't know if Shoebridge's show will be any use but assuming it works out; well now we have fighters & officials not being able to earn their bread in both. And sure as hell a personal gripe doesn't do the scene well as a whole.

    I hope some kind of resolution can be reached. Maybe it just needs some time to diffuse?
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    Not good indeed for the scene down there, how often do UCMMA put on shows these days? Fair enough if they keep all the fighters busy but otherwise having another org to keep people active in the area isn't a bad thing. Can understand Dave being pissed but can't say I know the ins and outs - i.e has he nicked staff etc... Dave does seem to get a bit emotional at times as well, hopefully it will all blow over. Thing is as well, with CW getting the Channel 4 deal, UCMMA having gripes and Bamma being mental as always, it could really open up the door for CW to really become the biggest player in UK MMA (If it isn't already to be fair) - Bamma probably have a higher TV profile at present I suppose...
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    this is heart-breaking. hope they can talk it through.
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    you mean ucmma is still going?

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