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I don't get this hype around him being some heel hook god?... He's won 2/8 fights by heel hook, he's hardly Rousimar Palhares is he...

I'm going to go for a Hooker stoppage.
I understand what you're saying with this, won by heel hook, released a video doing some heel hooks and built up this persona of being world class at them, I think he scared Liam James by that and that's no disrespect to Liam but I feel he let him have it early because of the belief he was so good at them (I may be wrong but Liam didn't look hurt by it)
Does anyone know how many grappling comps he has entered and won with heel hook or is it literally the two wins in MMA?
As regards Enty winning or losing I have this sneaky feeling he will surprise a lot of people and do well, he just seems to be one of them people that is able to find the win, and we all know that's what it's all about.