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Thread: Fair play to Rosi

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    Default Fair play to Rosi

    cornerstone of ukmma - thank you for all you have done and continue to do.

    ďThe bottom line -- right now I have more to offer the sport outside the cage than inside it,Ē Sexton wrote. ďI donít want to give up on being the fighter I believe Iím capable of; but there are bigger things going on. Itís time for me to focus on other ways of making a difference. I donít know how this will play out, or whatís round the next corner, but it looks like itís finally time to use that ĎRí word.Ē
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    Wish her all the best in whatever she does in the future, been a great role model for the sport.
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    nothing to be ashamed of with her career. Pioneer in Women's MMA in the UK. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Sad to see Rosi retire. I wish her the best in whatever she does next.

    Amazing fighter, great ambassador, the reason I began to love women's MMA and one of the biggest hearts the sport has ever seen in both male and female participants.
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    Rosi is one of the people I hold up as an example of all that is great in our sport.

    She is the proof to any who are prejudice against what we do that they are wrong.

    I am not a huge fan of womens MMA (I absolutely respect their rights to do it but it just doesn't float my boat) so am not to fussed if she retires or not, I was delighted that she got into the UFC as she is a great ambassador for both the sport globally and in the UK but if she is now going to be able to focus more on MMA in the UK as a whole I think we will all benefit hugely from this and I look forward with anticipation and excitement with what is to come.

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