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Thread: Fight Club Documentary tonight - have your say

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    Default Fight Club Documentary tonight - have your say

    There's a new documentary being aired on London Live (Freeview 8, Sky 117, Virgin 159, YouView 8) at 7pm tonight, with an additional discussion at 8pm.

    The EPG reads:

    "Through Lo'ner's story we investigate the world of this unregulated, potentially dangerous and increasingly popular sport."

    Martin Ives give you more, and calls to arms here:

    This is where you come in! It's a great opportunity for the UKMMA community to debunk the myths surrounding our sport. It's not no-holds-barred, and isn't more dangerous than any other contact sport you can care to mention. So tune in to the documentary, then make your voice heard in the following debate programme. UKMMA needs you!

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    Told the wife (politely asked her if she wasnt watching Eastenders) to record it but "channel not available". What did I miss?
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    I was contacted in Oct 2012 by a guy who at the time was working for the BBC but mentioned that he also works for several other media outlets.
    He was making a documentary about UKMMA and from speaking to him on the phone seamed more interested in highlighting the problems with it and not much if any of the positives.
    I pissed on his fire a when he said that the main focus was the question "is the government going to have to ban the sport or force it to be regulated to stop back street cage fighting" and I informed him the UKMMAF and SafeMMA where already in existence and progressing well unaided by the government so he was a little late with his question.
    I agreed to help him if his coverage was balanced and we discussed several issues with unregulated MMA and what people within the sport in the UK are already doing without being forced to.
    After exchanging a few emails/phone calls he appeared to drop it .

    I suspect he didn't get from me what he wanted.

    I wonder if this is the same crew.

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    Good right up, looks like its the same chaps.

    Ill watch it later.

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    Good article that, cheers.
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