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Thread: What's happening on the Scottish scene

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    Default What's happening on the Scottish scene

    This place and MMA in general in Scotland seems to have died a death recently.

    Few years ago there was a show almost every other week, now there are no all pro cards and very few shows on the go.

    Anyone want to kidnap some rich Arab and throw a good show together?

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    I've been thinking the same Nimmy, I still check in here most days and there hasn't been a post in around two months.

    Scottish MMA in general, as you said, seems to have just about disappeared as well, just a few years back in Scotland there were Cage Kombat, Sportfight Scotland, Caledonian Combat etc. and a few bigger shows like Eurofight Xtreme (one off) and Absolute Combat, More recently there were SFC and On Top but right now there looks to be nothing happening in Scottish MMA.

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    Probably busy fending off the White Walkers.
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    well Caledonian Combat is this Saturday, Immortals the next weekend, FFC have a date in September and SFC one in November. Most stuff is done on Facebook now as this place is a graveyard. Pretty certain ACC have a show coming up too, possibly August.
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    Who's most likely to follow whiteford into the big time? Is Sean wright still active after that horrific injury, he seemed to have a chance with his high level Thai.
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    Stevie Ray
    Graham Turner

    Should be the front runners both have alot of high level wins, Stevie is 2 time CW champion and Bamma champion, beat UFC vet in Curt Warburton.

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    Yeah I'd say Steven Ray.

    Still would've loved to have seen Paul McVeigh have a few fights in the UFC, also James Doolan.

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    Thought McVeigh might have been given a chance after his tuf qualifier but MMA took off just a wee bit late for him. I seen that Shaun Taylor is fighting for the BAMMA title soon, huge step up for him, would be a big win.
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