I am revamping a basic website that i think was originally created in frontpage or something very basic.

Although I know i.t very well as it's my job the last 20 years - i don't know web design and it's something i've been wanting to tinker with - would be nice to know how to do it so to speak.

Anyway i've rehosted, and transfered the domain and the website is now back up and running and i know how to use filezilla for ftp uploading.

The website has been constructed in html.

I've tried microsoft expression web 4, dreamweaver CS6 and that's about it.

I can edit the text, save the doc, but as any web developer knows it's not easy.

I've taken a look at www.wix.com and may take a further look at that or wordpress/joomla.

I've download some free templates and tried to play around with them so, cutting to the chase i am looking for a white background, blue font, and a couple of basic pages - e.g, home, about, contact etc in a template.

I know how to cut and paste, use ms paint, use word, reduce images/cropping, change colour - but not in html, and some other basic things but i am just looking for any templates that i can drag/drop cut images into and paste text into if there is such a basic template thing?

Many thanks in advance.