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Thread: Cage Warriors to Launch "Four Nations" Title Belts

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    Default Cage Warriors to Launch "Four Nations" Title Belts

    Cage Warriors to Launch "Four Nations" Title Belts

    Good idea or not?

    I've always been against too many belts- but do Cage Warriors have a deep enough roster to make it work?
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    Link doesnt work?
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    Cheers- fixed

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    Strange one. Not sure it is needed if I am honest.
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    I'd be hesitant to do that. SOme divisions would be fine, but some divisions are too thin I feel right now.

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    imo its not a great idea, cage warriors have huge credibility and to own a cage warriors belt is up there with any other belt outwith the ufc in the world, adding in extra belts and titles will only dilute the significance of the real belts.

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    I agree that having extra belts has not generally been good for combat sports, but I think that this could work if it was done right. What if the belts were awarded at the end of a four man tournament- with a competitor from each of the four nations. Everyone loves a tournament- this would just add a little extra edge. It would also differentiate between the current Cage Warriors belts and the new 4 Nations Tournament titles.

    With regular dates in London and Dublin and one already scheduled for Wales- it would be easy to crown a few 4 nations champs and make the tournaments regular dates on the calendar.

    I also think that this will be good for any new casual viewers who find the show on Channel 4. It's hard to make people care about random fighters they don't know. If you stick a flag on them- there is an immediate emotional attachment (even if it is only wanting England to lose).

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    I think it is a good idea. Like boxing has many levels of title I think 2 levels at CW is a great idea. It give an achievable goal for the fighters lower down in the rankings working their way up.

    Also as CW is a well respected organisation the titles will actually mean something to the public as opposed to b class semi pro Europeans titles from 2 guys fighting from the same town.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    b class semi pro Europeans titles from 2 guys fighting from the same town.
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